The Creation Back Story Behind The Rolling Stones Tongue Logo

26 September, 2016 | Bob Petz

I had originally created this logo artwork at the beginning of 1971. I was freelancing for a New York company that then hired me and sent me out to LA in September of that year to establish a West Coast presence… in a rapidly changing music industry.

After being in Los Angeles for three months, I left that company and started Pacific Eye & Ear. By making that move, I was denied any credit for the Stones Tongue logo, Alice Coopers “Schools Out,“ Cheech & Chong’s “Big Bambu” and Grand Funk Railroads “E-Plurbus Funk” album covers.

The good news was the company that I had left was gone after 6 months and the better news is that Pacific Eye & Ear went on to create 189 album covers over the next 14 years. The iconic Rolling Stones Tongue Logo I created is now part of the “Original Album Cover Art Collection” which consists of over 350 original pieces of album cover art and over 3,000 photographs.

Pacific Eye & Ear Partners with Hornbook Ink.

3 March, 2015 | Bob Petz
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Legendary Album Design Firm and 3 Time Grammy Nominee PACIFIC EYE & EAR Is Making its Entire Catalogue of Original Illustrations, Graphics, Hand lettering, Photography and Gallery Quality Prints Available For Sale In Exclusive Partnership with Authorized Representative Hornbook Ink.


For More Information Regarding This Unique Opportunity Please Reach Out to:



Waiting For The World

20 June, 2011 | Ernie Cefalu
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Drew May Own More Struzan Originals Than I Do…

But I have most all of his early professional pieces, so what’s in my collection is even more valuable than his movie posters. Bold statement, I don’t think so, and here’s why… First and foremost, there we’re fewer album covers and corporate pieces done, only around eighty-five in all. Second, my collected works uniquely encompasses not “just more Struzan pieces” but rather a rare body of his early work, starting in 1972 through 1976. Each and every one of them looks like they were just taken from his easel, and haven’t seen the light of day until now.

70-signed originals stored away for over 40 years.
These early works of art, when fitted together like the pieces of a huge illustrated historical art puzzle, visually track the evolution of Drew’s unmistakable, iconic style, starting with its basic core beginnings. Each of the seventy works document his career while providing an exciting journey as he went from a very exceptional figure painter, and fine artist in college, to being exposed to illustrators for the first time that assisted him in shaping, blending and perfecting the style that was destined to make him today’s, number one, most in demand, sought after and iconic collected, movie poster illustrator of all time.

Modern Jazz

Now It’s Time To WAKE UP WORLD…  And See The Value!
But don’t just take my word for it, let’s listen to what others have been saying for the last 30 years:

“In my Opinion Drew Struzan is the only collectable artist since the second World War.” – George Lucas

“Drew Struzan is my favorite movie poster artist ever.” - Steven Speilberg

“Drew Struzan is the greatest poster artist of our time.” - The Boston Globe
Did you know that it took well over 30 years before all Norman Rockwell’s works became valuable to millions of avid collectors around the world? That’s right at first it was just his iconic “Saturday Evening Post” Magazine covers that collectors coveted, but once those were all owned eyes immediately turned to the rest of his works. It didn’t matter whether Rockwell painted a Saturday Evening Post Magazine cover, a Kellogg’s cereal ad or a Boy Scout calendar it’s still a Rockwell, which means extremely valuable and highly collectable! With the ability to have the insight and awareness of history that others don’t have yet, your vision and gut are able to see and feel now, what others do eventually, its both a blessing and a curse.

Saturday Evening Post

Seems Like I Have Spent A lifetime Waiting And  Now I Find Myself…
Waiting once again for the world to wake up and catch up! Waiting for them to understand that Drew Struzan just like Norman Rockwell, J.C. Leyendecker, Cole Philips, Andrew Wyeth, and Maxfield Parrish… is a very famous and highly collectable artist, with a body of work that spans over four decades. Drew Struzan’s awareness, popularity and mass demand is greatly due to the power and global reach of the motion picture industry, the Internet and the productivity of Struzan the artist. So just like his predecessors no matter whether it’s a movie poster, an album cover or a corporate ad it’s still a Struzan!

Coles Phillips



treasure island

Here Are Some  Visual Aids That Help  Make This Point.
I have posted a few more visual examples from both Struzan and Rockwell This is a current ad that Kellogg’s is running, and I am certain that its part of a much bigger campaign (see their tag line under the box).It has sparked a desire in me that I have been building on, and formulating” for quite some time now. I want to post these images accompanied with a short story on how I have spent the better part of my career… “Waiting For The World To Change!” In the 1950’s, I was growing up in the sleepy farming town of San Jose California. It was so American and innocent, Norman Rockwell
Could Have Illustrated  My Youth.

Norman Rockwell

In junior high school my 8th grade class went on a field trip to a very prestigious gallery in San Francisco where there were two Norman Rockwell original “Saturday Evening Post” magazine covers for sale. The first one was $15,000.00 and the other was a more memorable piece and it was $30,000.00. Now remember this was in 1956 so in 2007 according to Antique Collector Magazine that same exact cover that I had seen in 1958 for $30,000 had sold for a whopping $15,400,000.00!

With Global Awareness  His Movie Posters  Are A No Brainier?
What makes the Struzan pieces in my collection of album covers and corporate pieces is that there are even fewer are even more valuable and covers, he produced only a hand full (of which 99% were done for my company Pacific eye & Ear) compared to over two decades worth of movie posters, some where north of 185 posters. These pieces like all famous artists works are generational wealth for investors especially in today’s unstable finical world. That’s why I can only hope that it…


“About My Collection”

21 August, 2010 | Ernie Cefalu
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First let me thank you for you’re inquire regarding my collection. Second, let me tell you a little

about what it in tales, as a collector you, better than most will understand and appreciate its

uniqueness. It is the only one of it’s kind in the World. It features “only” original art work with

all pieces signed by the artists that created them. The complete collection consists of over 250

pieces of album cover and music related images. It’s works span 14 years from 1971 to 1985 and

embodies works by some of the top illustrators in the country today.

The two pieces that have been requested the most we’re done by Drew Struzan and Ingrid Haenke

spanning a period from early 1973 to the end of 1975.

In the case of Drew Struzan’s “Welcome To My Nightmare” my collection encompasses not only

that piece but rather a body of his early work, 70 signed original pieces to be exact. These works

of art, when fitted together like the pieces of a puzzle track the evolution of his distinctive style

from its beginnings, as he went from a good figure artist, to what was destined to become the

most in demand and recognized iconic movie poster illustrator of our time.

Drew Struzan has become the #1 most collected artist in the world today. This is greatly due to

the power and Global reach of the motion picture industry, the Internet and the productivity of

Struzan the artist.

“Drew Struzan is the only collectable artist since the second World War.”George Lucas

“Struzan is my favorite movie poster artist ever.” Stephen Speilberg

“Struzan is the greatest poster artist of our time.” The Boston Globe

Like his predecessors and mentors: J.C. Leyendecker, Maxfield Parrish and Norman Rockwell,

Drew has a large body of work to his credit. As for mass popularity, recognition and exposure, at

his age Drew is light years ahead of all of them. Also the Alice Cooper ”Welcome To My Nightmare”

Album Cover was selected as one of the “Top 100 Album Covers Of All Time” by Rolling Stone

Magazine. What makes the Struzan pieces in my collection even more valuable and sought  out is:

the fact that in the 3 1/2 years that Drew did album covers, he produced only a hand full (of which

99% were done for PEE) compared to over two decades worth of movie posters, some where north

of 185 posters. These pieces like all famous artists works are generational wealth for investors

especially in today’s unstable finical world.

“Hello And Welcome”

21 August, 2010 | Ernie Cefalu
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to the under construction “Blog” area of Sorry if things aren’t working or looking exactly as they should, but they will be shortly. In my overzealousness  to get the blog and other great content up and bolted onto what we have been calling a web site for the last year,  I didn’t want to wait to have it completely done, and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience that you might experience.

However with that being said, what I can and will promise each of you is, to experience a body of work product the likes of which you will see no where else in a gallery or on the internet! Over the next days, weeks, months and yes years,  we will be posting over forty years of content that will make you feel good, bring a smile to your face and a warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling all over!

As a young designer in the late 60’s, I had the honor and privilege of working side by side with many great, emerging artists. As Pacific Eye & Ear’s Owner/Creative Director, I was the conceptual link for some of today’s top illustrators, designers, writers and photographers. During my tenor at Pacific Eye & Ear I earned 3 Grammy Nominations, 7 Music Hall Of Fame Awards and 3 Creative Director Awards Of Excellence.

So please stay tuned and I will welcome any suggestions that you might want to give. Thank you I hope that you enjoy what you will be seeing…  as much as we did in doing it. – Ernie

“It’s Like The First Time!”

20 August, 2010 | Ernie Cefalu
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For me… today is one of the most exciting days in my life thanks to GB (who won’t let me use his real name,) because for the first time in a long time, it is possible for me to reach out to all of you in a way that I have wanted to for over a year. To be able to share the album cover art and “Back Stories” that make up the 209 album covers that I have created, I am hoping that you will enjoy what I will be saying and showing you in the coming weeks, months and years, as much as I will be. Almost all of what you will be seeing and hearing has never been displayed anywhere other in my personal experiences. So enjoy and “Keep On Rocki’n! – Ernie

Vnewsletter – February 27, 2009

20 August, 2010 | Ernie Cefalu
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Testa Publications did promotional spot on Original Album Cover Art. The Original Album Cover Art segment starts 3:13 in to the piece.

Face to Face Interview Up Close and Personal

20 August, 2010 | Ernie Cefalu
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Face to Face Interview #1 with Ernie Cefalu

Thank you so much Face to Face for getting in my face!

Drew Struzan The Early Years

20 August, 2010 | Ernie Cefalu

“The 60’s were a time of change, excitement and innocence, of diversity, freedom and experimentation, for finding one’s self and doing your own thing. It was the age of youth, the decade of love… and it was about to be our time.”

Drew Struzan Pacific Eye and Ear Book

Pacific Eye & Ear was a small close-working, super creative force combining art, business and production expertise, that played a critical role in what I’m calling the “Golden Age Of Custom Album Packaging”. Everyone enjoyed it. We all remember the large format albums with liner notes that were big enough to read and the Pop Art appeal of panties stretched over the record; a real zipper imbedded into the cover; or an over sized wallet with a pull out Billion Dollar Bill.

We graphic artists, illustrators and photographers provided the emotional connection that these covers helped evoke. Our contribution became another vital link between the musicians, their music, and the messages they were delivering to their fans. We strived for originality and creativity, like the music we were packaging, and delivered it too the world via this newly found art form. Excited and challenging, we were creating the rules and blazing a trail. It was a great experience, fresh and fulfilling, which regrettably only lasted 15 years.

In late 2010, I will be publishing “Drew Struzan - The Early Years 1972 – 1975″ book. It’s a visual and verbal documentation of Drew Struzan’s work from when he graduated from Art Center Pasadena to his first movie poster in the 70′s. The book will be a never before seen visual depiction of the evolution of his iconic movie poster style.

Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare

20 August, 2010 | Ernie Cefalu

This Alice Cooper painting of Welcome To My Nightmare is hands down my favorite Drew Struzan painting of all time and It was an amazing experience to watch him paint it. This piece in particular features the beginnings of a strong J.C Leyendecker / Norman Rockwell style influence that Drew Struzan was developing at that time which eventually evolved into the style that made him famous in the movie poster industry.

Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare was ranked one of the Top 100 Album Covers of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare