“Hello And Welcome”

Posted by Ernie Cefalu on 21 August, 2010
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to the under construction “Blog” area of  OriginalAlbumCoverArt.com. Sorry if things aren’t working or looking exactly as they should, but they will be shortly. In my overzealousness  to get the blog and other great content up and bolted onto what we have been calling a web site for the last year,  I didn’t want to wait to have it completely done, and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience that you might experience.

However with that being said, what I can and will promise each of you is, to experience a body of work product the likes of which you will see no where else in a gallery or on the internet! Over the next days, weeks, months and yes years,  we will be posting over forty years of content that will make you feel good, bring a smile to your face and a warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling all over!

As a young designer in the late 60’s, I had the honor and privilege of working side by side with many great, emerging artists. As Pacific Eye & Ear’s Owner/Creative Director, I was the conceptual link for some of today’s top illustrators, designers, writers and photographers. During my tenor at Pacific Eye & Ear I earned 3 Grammy Nominations, 7 Music Hall Of Fame Awards and 3 Creative Director Awards Of Excellence.

So please stay tuned and I will welcome any suggestions that you might want to give. Thank you I hope that you enjoy what you will be seeing…  as much as we did in doing it. – Ernie

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3 Comments on ““Hello And Welcome””

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